Young ladies dating older men

A man exists not as an equal partner in a kind, loving, relationship, but merely as someone to be fleeced for as much money as possible.How depressing and how insulting to the millions of women who don't live their lives according to these mercenary rules. The message it delivers is one that has been subtly gaining currency in recent times and not just on film. After all, isn't a woman who sleeps with a man for money - or at least for extensive use of his credit card - called something else?But then, 'prostitute' doesn't have quite the same glamorous, diamond-encrusted platinum ring to it, does it?While we are the majority, the sad fact is, we are all judged as a result of movies like this. A string of high-profile divorce cases - most notably that of Sir Paul Mc Cartney and Heather Mills, where she walked away with £24 million, but also that of Susan Sangster, who amassed a fortune of £18 million from three marriages (before ex-husband number four successfully got a judge to call a halt to her divorce trolley dash) - contribute to the growing view that women are for sale and men are to be used as human cashpoints. 'Would you like me to take you shopping when we land? That was too naked a business deal for me, which was what I presumed he would expect in return, so I declined. Looking back, I should have walked out, butthe whole episode felt so surreal that I didn't feel fully enraged until afterwards and a small part of me also thought it would, perhaps, be rude to walk out.

A man who buys a woman is no better than the woman who agrees to sell herself.

Looking further ahead, do these girls know the sort of deal they are doing?

They are not only throwing away any moral sense, but also their independence, control of their own lives and self-respect.

In fact, she had arranged a liaison with her 52-year-old boyfriend, who spent a small fortune with her at the roulette tables in Monte Carlo.

Or what about Natalie Parker, 24, who's studying French and Spanish at university in Southampton?

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