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But there is serious doubt whether he wrote it at all, since it is not mentioned by either of his biographers [Dietmar Schmidt (1959) and James Bentley (1984)], and the anecdote most often cited to prove its origin cannot possibly be true.In this fantasy, he is asked, in 1946, by some students how the Holocaust could have happened, and he answers with the poem.Indeed, Niemöller was a principal author of the Stuttgarter Schuldbekenntnis ("Stuttgart Confession of Guilt").The problem is that many people DID speak out against the Nazis—although it accomplished little, and even some, like Pope Pius XII, who did more than speak out, and actually helped Jews and others escape death, are now routinely pilloried in the Leftist press, even though Pius was praised after World War II by Golda Meir, and contemporary Jewish leaders.The Equality Ride, as it is known, organized by Soulforce, had first traveled to Sioux Center to visit Dordt College, a school that counts “sexual activity with someone of the same gender” as possible grounds for “an employee’s discharge or a student’s dismissal.” The harassment is not new.

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Some time after he died in 1984, the poem began to circulate in all of its many forms, and nearly always with attribution to Niemöller.

It was in such laboratories, observing the incredible complexity, organization, and purpose in creation, that he was inspired to become a Catholic.

Michael's experience includes such left brain activities in the entertainment industry as session musician, record producer, and talent manager.

The Christian right has begun to strip gays and lesbians of their constitutional rights and render them second-class citizens.

The gay rights movement, which made many gains over the past couple of decades, is reeling backward.

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