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Bootham means 'at the booths' and probably refers to booths erected near Bootham Bar, which were used for a weekly market held by the monks of St Mary's Abbey.

Bootham is a continuation of Petergate outside the city walls beyond Bootham Bar.

A street called Blossomgate also exists in Ripon and has the same origin.

St Mary's Bar Convent near Micklegate Bar in Blossom Street was built in 1765 by Thomas Atkinson.

In historic times guards were posted here to guide travellers through the Forest of Galtres. Boroughbridge Road is the home to the Holy Redeemer Church, which was built in 1965 using parts of the demolished church of St Mary Bishophill Senior which dated from 1200.

Monks from St Mary's Abbey once held a weekly market nearby. The church is an interesting mixture of old and new.

The historic gateways to the city of York are called 'Bars'.

Aldwark is a street that gets its name from 'Old earthwork' and was so named because the Roman wall that surrounded York ran near here.

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Ploxwan was corrupted through natural changes in English speech to Blossom.

A female Debtors' Prison was added to the building by John Carr in 1777.

Castlegate was and is of course the street leading to the castle.

The hall is the only surviving hall of a craft guild in York.

Bishopsgate is the site of Baile Hill, which was one of two castles built by William the Conqueror. Bishophill was once part of the land owned by the Archbishop of York.

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