Validating copyrighted instruments

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BASED ON RISK OF INFECTIONCritical devices Enter normally sterile body tissue: e.g., surgical instruments -Sterilization Semi- critical devices Contact mucous membranes: e.g., flexible endoscopes -Sterilization, if not feasible- Minimally high level disinfection Non- critical devices Contact intact skin: e.g., stethoscopes, electrocardiogram electrodes -Intermediate or Low level disinfection - Block, 5th edition Cleaning Required for effective disinfection or sterilization Goal: Reduce bioburden Remove organic / inorganic clinical contaminants High Level Disinfection-semi critical devices Endpoint- To kill mycobacteria and some spores Sterilization- critical devices Validated process used to render a product free of all forms of viable microorganisms (AAMI)Endpoint- To kill spores (as an indicator microorganism)Keep instruments wet or damp until they are decontaminated Options: 1.

Clean and sterilize the contaminated devices by immersion in 1N Na OH, remove, rinse in water and autoclave (sterilizer) in an open pan as recommended by WHO at 121° C or 134°C depending on type of sterilizer- gravity displacement or prevac- for 1hr2.

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In the field of Psychology, research is a necessary component of determining whether a given treatment is effective and if our current understanding of human behavior is accurate.

Therefore, the instruments used to evaluate research data must be valid and precise.

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