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However, when I handed the Genius my broken i Pod, he examined it and said: "Sorry, there's a scratch on the bottom so it's no longer covered under warranty." "But that scratch has nothing to do with the i Pod not working," I explained. That scratch is simply from carrying it around for months in my Mary Poppins-esque tote." (Note: I call my tote this because there's always so much stuff jumbling around within it.) "Sorry," the Genius told me. "I intuit I'm not going to be getting a new i Pod, and that's okay.

"The scratch nixes your warranty." "Can I speak to your manager? The Manager came over and I immediately experienced déjà frustration. I asked myself: "What would I coach a client to do? I don't want to frustrate myself or you further.

Well, an Apple™ product is exactly what led me to my man. You know how an apple created the downfall for Eve and Adam—the end to their world of bliss? The downfall of my Apple™ i Pod created the beginning of our couplehood world of bliss. A few months before I even knew my Prince Charming existed, my i Pod broke.

I kept setting up appointments at the Genius Bar to get it replaced through the warranty.

No one is really screening these ostensibly good-looking, highly intelligent, charismatic and charitable dating sites matches.

You are left entirely to your own devices to find someone who’s right for you on internet dating sites.

How did I finally manage to break the Prince Harming curse of my past and snag some of that ever-elusive (and seemingly exclusive) happily-ever-after love that I wrote about?

I met Warren through your service and we are dating at the moment and having the time of our lives. We have lots of fun and really enjoy each other’s company. I know that I would not have met him if I hadn’t joined your service. And then there are those who never show up for the face to face date that’s been carefully arranged online. There is just no substitute for a staff of matchmakers with your best interest at heart.

What a disappointment it is when you come to realize that the members of some dating sites hide behind their computers and aren’t really serious about meeting people or relationships.

Based in Fort Collins, we’ve helped bring happiness to hundreds of Northern Colorado and Southeastern Wyoming singles since 2007.

Our experience stretches back to 1992 and is drawn from working with different matchmaking services.

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