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Any excavation within the tolerance zone should be conducted “in a careful and prudent manner, excavating by hand, if necessary, to determine the precise location of the facility to prevent damage.” Ohio Revised Code: 3781.25 (D) and 3781.30 (C, D)A design ticket is a request for the member companies to supply plans, telephone response or physical markings within ten (10) days from the time of call, of their underground facilities involvement to the given area.

A design ticket number will be issued to the caller at that time and if physical markings have been requested a comment will be placed on that design ticket.

In the case of an interstate hazardous liquid pipeline or an interstate gas pipeline, the utility also shall provide written notice to the developer or designer of any special notification requirements.

The utility shall make this notification within ten working days of receiving a notice under division (B) of this section or by a later date acceptable to the developer or designer and utility.

You can check the positive responses for your ticket at or by calling 800-445-3894. The excavator is exempt from pre-marking in the following situations: If a precise location is given (address — what side of the property) If the excavator and the affected utility have had an on-site pre construction meeting for the purpose of pre-marking the site.

Excavation involves replacing a pole that is within 5 feet of the existing location.

If the CSR determines the callers information does not meet the definition of a true emergency, but the caller insists that it does (even after an explanation) the following comment must be added to the ticket: A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, the Ohio Utilities Protection Service acts as a communication link between utility companies and individuals planning any digging activity.

This site includes all the information you need to dig safely and protect your community.

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