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I’ve always played with rope a bit, circa 1992/93 when my boyfriend tied me to that bed I developed a passion for rope bondage and became very interested in learning more about BDSM.I been seriously involved in rope for almost 25 years.I will not use rude or extremely abusive language during my sessions.Even though no part of your body may be safe from my cruel treatments, you can feel secure and confident to fully give yourself into my loving hands.

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I am open minded, experienced, patient but forceful. When entering my domain here's a few things to remember: My loyal slaves know and appreciate my ability to keep sessions interesting.When I was around 8 or 9 years old I stumbled across my uncle’s Wicked Wanda comics, that’s when I realized that sex happened outside the traditional Husband/Daddy/Wife/Mommy ideal my very sheltered world wanted me to believe and it was really naughty.I had my first BDSM spanking scene when I was about 27 years old.Some of the things I saw I tried on my siblings and friends when we played.Then of course there was my fascination with Harry Houdini the escape artist.

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