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So of course a writer for a major publication had to write a piece for a straight male audience dismissing the show entirely.

One Mick Stingley published a piece on Esquire's website titled "The Straight Man's Guide to HBO's ' Looking'" -- a piece that avails itself of casual homophobia and actually incorrect facts.

A trans woman and private citizen trying to keep her status to herself is treated as half-charlatan, half-wonder of science by the good people at ESPN. -- very few programs on the air featuring gay characters in any capacity, and those that exist tend either to mindlessly indulge stereotypes (as does the work of Ryan Murphy, when he indulges his worst tendencies) or to winkingly announce that Mick Stingley or for Esquire readers.

It's for a group of people who almost never see themselves on television allowed to simply be people.

The subject of straight-identifying men who have sex with other men is a fascinating one, in that it shines a light on some extremely potent, personal concepts pertaining to identity and sexuality and one’s place in society.

That’s why some sociologists and other researchers have been very eager to seek out such men and hear them explain how they fit same-sex sexual activity into their conception of heterosexuality.

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The piece draws out comparisons to "Sex and the City," a broad comedy that bears no similarity to "Looking" except for its ability to discomfit straight men by being frank about the fact that other people enjoy having sex.

A big chunk of the article consists of snippets from those interviews, which were primarily conducted online by three female researchers, and at the end Carillo and Hoffman sum up what they found: They interpret that they are exclusively or primarily attracted to women, and many also conclude that they have no sexual attraction to men in spite of their desire to have sex with men.

They define sexual attraction as a combination of physical and emotional attraction, and they assess that their interest in women includes both, while their interest in men is purely or mainly sexual, not romantic or emotional. I can see a beautiful woman walk down the street and I instantly can become hard and get horny.

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