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Also Read: 10 Amazing Pinoy LGBTs Who Broke Barriers And Made History In addition to a choir which serenaded the two with revolutionary love songs, the event was also participated by their comrades and few closed friends.

During the wedding, the two held each other’s hand while keeping a bullet in the other to represent their commitment to the armed struggle. A dog named “Serging” (alias “Avante”) received numerous awards in 1957 for his heroic act during the Originally known as “Serging”, the dog was later renamed “Avante” to avoid offending Sergio Osmeña Jr. “Avante”, along with his owner Marcelino Nuya, helped save Nestor Mata, the only survivor of the plane crash that killed the late President Ramon Magsaysay.

They’re mostly useless information that stay in our brains for not longer than 60 seconds.

Still, they fascinate us in a way that even more useless showbiz news can’t do. He was later acquitted of his “crime of passion.” . His wife, Maria de la Paz Pardo de Tavera, and his mother-in-law.

Turns out, half a million bottle caps got the winning number. Thousands claimed the prizes but Pepsi officials revealed that there was a technical glitch.

Dubbed as the “Number Fever”, the promo was offered by Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines. In the end, the company spent more than 200 million pesos to pay up to 500, 000 disappointed claimants.

It’s construction first started in 1978 but due to a host of factors such as unpredictable weather and difficulty of navigating the river, the completion was delayed for more than 3 decades.

Aluling Bridge connects the provinces of Ilocos Sur and Mountain Province. “darker, plainer and less contrasted coloration, softer body, shorter and broader snout, smaller spiracle, larger pectoral fin, wider head, as well as larger proportions of the nostril, mouth and interorbital space.” In February 2005, Ka Andres and Ka Jose, two members of the NPA (New People’s Army), exchanged vows in a symbolic ceremony held in the Compostela Valley province in Mindanao.

" and "What should a Pinoy do if he is addressed as a Chinese or a Jap?

The case of the infamous “Pepsi 349” fiasco was finally closed in 2006. Major Archibald Butt, former military captain in the Philippines, died in the sinking of Titanic in 1912.

A former journalist, Butt was a well-known military aide and adviser to US presidents William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt.

" In the Philippines, the earliest published usage known is from December 1926, in History of the Philippine Press, which briefly mentions a weekly Spanish-Visayan-English publication called Pinoy based in Capiz and published by the Pinoy Publishing Company.

In 1930, the Manila-based magazine Khaki and Red: The Official Organ of the Constabulary and Police printed an article about street gangs stating "another is the 'Kapatiran' gang of Intramuros, composed of patrons of pools rooms who banded together to 'protect pinoys' from the abusive American soldados." Pinoy is first used by Filipino poet Carlos Bulosan, in his 1946 semi-autobiography, America Is in the Heart - "The Pinoys work every day in the fields but when the season is over their money is in the Chinese vaults." In the early 1970s, Pinoy music or "Pinoy pop" emerged, often sung in Tagalog - it was a mix of rock, folk and ballads - marking a political use of music similar to early hip hop but transcending class.

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