Listview itemupdating event not firing

When user clicks on the edit link, it is able to go into edit mode.But when user clicks on the update button, it doesn't fire the Item Command event handler. When the control is loaded dynamically, should I have to register the event handlers again?

From what I understand, I need to modify the event to basically say, on a Button Click event, if Command Name="Update" then [do x]. I can't create a button click event in the traditional way. I wanted to include all code that is processed during run-time. When I try to use On Item Command="List View1_On Item Command" (or "List View1_Item Command") I get this: Server Error in '/' Application. At least until you have a good understanding of events.Normally this should be done in the On Init or On Load event so that all event handlers are registered as expected.Also you can check whether any other commands such as delete or edit fire the Item Command event of the control or also have the same issue as the update command after postback.Also it might depend how exactly you wire up the event handlers and in which event in code or markup you do this.You can verify that after the listview goes in edit mode the Item Command event is still attached as expected.

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