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The LOM firmware at https:// differs depending on the hardware platform. There should be no need to connect to Xen Server directly. create new VM) is performed through the Management Service (SVM).

The LOM firmware for the 8000 series is different than the 11000 series and the 14000 series. While this article focuses on SDX, note that Net Scaler MDX has a new method for updating LOM as detailed at CTX218264 How to Upgrade the LOM Firmware on Any Net Scaler MPX Platform The SDX Update Bundle does not include LOM firmware update so you must update it separately: Default IP for Management Service is bound to interface 0/1. To change the Xen Server IP, make the change through the SVM as detailed below: Another way to change the Management Service IP address is through the serial port. Once logged in to Xen Server, run ssh to access the Management Service virtual machine. The console of the Management Service virtual machine can be reached by running the following command in the Xen Server Dom0 shell (SSH or console): From Communication from the Management Service to the Net Scaler VPX instances is HTTP by default.

You can even transfer the backup files to an external system.

To specify a different nsroot password, create a new admin profile.

Important: Do not change the password directly on the Net Scaler VPX instance.

If the top left of the window says SDX, then you are logged into the Management Service (aka Service VM, aka SVM).

If it says VPX, then you are logged into an instance.

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