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Numerous larger seismis shocks were registered on the boundary of the North American and Eurasia plate in 2011 mainly during the Arctic summer.All occured exactly on the boundary between the Eurasian and North American plate from the Norway latidude through Iceland up to the Eastern coast of Greenland and seem to creep more and more Northwards.What concerns the Southern Atlantic ridge, I won´t be sure about anymore!I don`t know much about, but guess, the Atlantic as such was almost quiet since thousands of years.Approximately the double number events were registered in 2011 compared to 2010.The average strength of the quakes along the boundaries of the Eurasian to the African plate also increased 2011 with at least one point on the Richter scale from M 4 to 5.

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Greece geologists reported , to have noticed a significant activity increase also of the Santorin Volcano in 2011.

But so much is not known jet, neitern of the course of the incident nor wehre the leak actually isloated.

Media claim the main leakage would be indeed at any wellhead and might therefore also come out from the oil resservoir itself through the annullus of one of the 7 borehole installations.

you find automatically updated Tsunami or hurricane warnings by NOAA, USGS and others ,- direct links to international weather, Tsunami or Hurricane warning centers.

and a new method to predict Earthquakes within 2 days!

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