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"I went to work,” says Gagneux, a longtime black metal fan.

“So, strictly speaking, I did not come up with the idea, but I took it from two separate suggestions."Thus, Zeal & Ardor's debut album, , is a quasi-conceptual rendering of what such spirituals might have sounded like if they were sung not in the service of God, but of Satan.

Rather than fixate on the minute recording details like they may have done in the past, the group, rounded out by drummer Lia Simone are trusting their instincts and trying to keep things as pure as possible.

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“The mark itself is about the size of my hand,” he says.While Gagneux was working on another music project of his called Birdmask, he would often go to the 4chan bulletin board as a break and “ask for different musical genres to mash into a song in less than an hour," he recalls.One day, two people submitted gospel and black metal (a genre known for Satanic and supernatural lyrics and imagery) for him to combine.Gagneux explains his thinking behind the brand as, “It’s a comment on how popular culture is akin to volunteered slavery.The complete submission to a cause one does not completely know.

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