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not call me “it” because this sort of discourse deprive me of my humanity; and ask a person about their pronouns or use gender-neutral ones if unsure I want people to understand… gender binary, concept is only an approximation rather than complete truth About Christophe Catherine an amab bi/pansexual androgyne (identifying as such for at least 10 years) with autism spectrum disorder; feminist/leftist political leanings; into punk/goth subcultures and music; can call me… get my gender right and know that i’m not afraid of what other people think about it I want people to understand… I’m used to being referred to as a girl, but I’m beginning to question that. It took a friend abandoning me before I finally realized that I should try and accept myself. get to know me for me, instead of focusing on and getting hung up on my gender and identity I want people to understand…

androgyne / non-binary / genderqueer As far as third-person pronouns go, … It’s still hard, especially being a christian with mostly all Christian friends, but despite still being mostly closeted I feel I’ve grown a bit as a person. that my gender identity doesn’t change who i am as a person, and that i’m struggling, and while i do appreciate the effort if you try to make me feel better or cheer me up, it more than likely won’t work and will just frustrate me. Moreover, the universality presumed by these terms parallels the assumed universality of the patriarchy, and erases the particularity of oppression in distinct times and places.Butler thus eschews identity politics in favor of a new, coalitional feminism that critiques the basis of identity and gender."Politics is every bit as important and relevant to the lives of women as it is to men.Labour has set itself the challenge to make this case to the missing millions of women voters.

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