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But you have other material that actually precedes the beginning of the black and white scenes and the gap between the beginning of the black and white scenes and this long term memory stuff, some of which is color some of which is black and white. The lead character because of his particular condition he can never know how long that’s been he’s cut loose in time effectively. We imply a length of time to it because it’s the time in which he’s had these tattoos put on, he’s been living this life so forth.

So that gap to me is where the most interesting ambiguity of the film is the end you know we never wanted to step fully outside of his head and you know specify too many of these things in terms of an objective reality because to me one of the interesting things about the film and what we were trying to do is essentially present an idea of the tension between our subjective view of the world, the subjective way in which we have to experience life and then our faith in an objective reality beyond that.

So I wanted to introduce this almost documentary style element at the beginning to give the audience a little bit of information, objective information about how this guy lives his life and what he thinks and to break up these scenes.

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What’s similar to my brother story as he finally finished it.The black and white scenes on the other hand as the movie progresses, they become less and less objective.We start to get more and more into his head as he exists in this my tower.He told it to me while we were driving cross country between Chicago and Los Angeles and we both decided right away that by far the most interesting way of approaching that concept was subjectively to tell a story in the first person. I went off to write the screenplay and my solution to telling the story subjectively was to deny the audience the same information that the protagonist is denied.And my approach to doing that was to effectively tell the story backwards that way when we meet a character we don’t know just like the protagonist how he’s met that person whether he’s even met that person before and whether or not they should be trusted, that kind of thing.

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