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Upstairs, there’s a breakfast bar with glittering digital turntables, while about ten half-naked men and women partake in varying degrees of petting on mattresses laid out on the floor.A fit, shirtless dude smokes a joint and observes that the NSFW parties here at the Clubhouse are “a great place to be free.” Later in the night, he’ll be scampering about in boxers, and a little while after that he’ll be buck-naked.Her tall, bespectacled boyfriend begins striking her back and rear end with a cat-o-nine-tails dungeon whip.With witnesses moving through the space she screams pleasurably, then moans while her companion vigorously fingers her.n a particularly busy May Friday, Rachelle Yadegar, 24, and Judith Illulian, 26, are scrambling in their office on the ninth floor of an old, marbled building in the fashion section of Downtown Los Angeles to send out 300 dress orders. She’s actually a Jewish Orthodox woman of Persian descent, who keeps kosher and observes the rules of religious dress, which say women must cover their legs, collarbones, and arms.They own a brand of fashionable-but-modest clothing for Orthodox Jewish women called Ra Ju, and the start of Shabbat, Memorial Day and the Jewish holiday Shavuot will leave them unable to work for a week. She often broke those rules as a schoolgirl, and now with Ra Ju, she’s pushing the boundaries of what it means to dress modestly as an observant Jewish woman. “Instead of making unique pieces that are fashion-forward and Avant-garde, they’re more interested in making money. You’re not stuck in this box trying to compete with everyone around you.“But as of 2017, I definitely think it’s safe to say nobody is going to look at someone wearing something colorful and say ‘Oh she’s immodest.’On the same morning the Raju women rush to ship orders, Riss is trying on a sample black skirt for Linea R with a pair of four-inch magenta glitter stilettos that have clear plastic straps.

Despite the widespread interest in modest fashion and the risks taken by the Los Angeles women, the designers still find themselves restricted to the customer, who tends to be an Orthodox mother looking for comfort and ease as she takes her children to school, runs errands and prepares for Shabbat dinner.

In the early 2000s when baring skin was seen on the runways, Orthodox Jews, specifically ones residing in New York, began laying a white t-shirt, known as a “shell” underneath black spaghetti strap dresses as a way to keep up with larger fashion trends but still dress modestly.

wedding section ran an article headlined “The Return of the Chaste Bride” about the move toward lace sleeves and high necklines in gowns. I think it’ s a way for women to feel like themselves,” says Yadegar after she’s finished shipping the orders and is walking around downtown L. with a shopping bag slung around her shoulder, sipping a beverage from a take-out taco stand.

Reclined on a leather sofa nearby, snuggling with his boyfriend while wearing studded Converse sneakers, a leather kilt, a black pirate ship captain’s jacket and a decorative crown of gold, is NSFW’s founder Daniel Saynt.

Big and bearded, Saynt’s been mellow all night, opting to take in the reverie around him instead of dancing through the crowded apartment like some of his guests.

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