Dating adverts on tv

Cinzano vermouth These string of comedic adds featuring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins aired betweeen 19 to promote the alcoholic beverage.

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And a report warned 'it is now clearer than ever that we are facing a global epidemic' of sight loss - particularly for the millions of children who are exposed to digital screens earlier than ever.But, in the fight for audience's attention, and the desire to genuinely engage with them, advertisers go to extreme lengths to produce really outstanding pieces of film.Channel 4 viewers tonight will be shown blurry adverts to give them an insight into what life is like for those plagued by vision loss.Sophie Castell, director at RNIB, said: 'This unique opportunity to work with Channel 4 and some really great advertisers will help show viewers different sight loss conditions and what living with sight loss can be like.'The use of audio description across an entire ad break marks a cultural shift in advertising.

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