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I started studying less and going to auctions more.That part of Pennsylvania had, at the time, at least 10-15-plus antique auctions a week.Philosophers haven’t really been in demand these last 1,500 years, and political science doesn’t prepare one for any particular type of work.I bought into the idea that being an attorney would lead to a comfortable and interesting life and it helped that I didn’t have any better ideas.Go ahead, just toss into your Amazon shopping cart a few things to go along with the latest Christopher Moore novel and a digital camera and an i Pod sleeve and a beach umbrella and a camping stove and the new Brazilian Girls CD.

Here is a mini-phenomenon, happening right before our eyes. And what's more, Amazon has added this array of delicious adult goods quietly, effortlessly, with zero fanfare and zero marketing and zero apparent intolerant outcry (so far as I know) from the right-wing Christian sex tormenters, and with absolutely no children anywhere in the nation spontaneously combusting or being struck by lightning and/or converting to wanton paganism (yet) by viewing any of these items (which they easily can) -- Have you seen? This makes them, interestingly, the great bringer of sex-toy awareness, the unwitting spreader of lubricious good news, the well-oiled and highly pleasurable anti-Wal-Mart.

I ended up buying a very old version of the Monopoly board game, and I thought it would be fun to see if I could sell it on e Bay, and I did, making about 0.

After that day, I became obsessed with buying and selling things.

There were several individuals and a few companies who wanted to invest, but I declined because I did not want to give up shares or control. Crowdfunding allowed us to raise funds by pre-selling products at a discounted price.

In fact we needed more than our ,000 goal, but we were warned by people who had run successful crowdfunding campaigns that setting a high goal would have a negative influence on funding.

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